Join Date

November 2016

Status Active in VoCo, Semi-Active on 2b2t
Names eric, augustus, zoe, skylar
MC Accounts ColtsnidIsDaddy, jailed2013, StarPatrol

First Class™, VoCo Legend, Staff roles

Bases (Active)

Several VoCo Bases, multiple other bases

Bases (Griefed)

Cobalt, ZoTopia, Wrath of VoCo, others

YouTube Eric
Reddit ericsprengerlmao
Discord skylar#8899

History on 2b2t


Zoe originally found 2b2t way back in November 2016. Zoe found a Fit video autoplaying on their TV and decided to join the server.

Period I

Zoe didn't do anything noteworthy in this period. They walked around spawn fucking around until they got disconnected.

Period II

This is the period of activity that introduced Zoe to 2b2t fully. Zoe got her start from maxtorcd55's penny dropper, a well known spawnbase. After leaving and returning to the pennydropper several times, Zoe went inactive for a bit. Zoe returned to activity in October when she found me_irl, and also found VoCo. The rest of this period was spent doing work with VoCo. Zoe got Coltsnid to create the staff wing of VoCo and this led to the staff team we know today. Zoe also participated in several bases during this time. Zoe was Prime Minister during this period of their activity in VoCo. At the end of Phase III, Zoe created a meme discord called RoCo II. It got nearly 25 members in less than 24 hours before it was shut down by Coltsnid. After this, Zoe went into full inactivity.

Period III

This period of activity saw Zoe participate in the incursion and general autism from Zoe. PVP, Spawn Patrols, and duping were all Zoe did during this time period. Besides this, not much happened. Zoe tended to her staff duties during this time and did several other notable things during this period such as pioneering VoCoin item sales. This is the most autistic period of Zoe's time in VoCo and saw the biggest power trip in VoCo's history. Later on, Zoe's activity decreased. Zoe got expunged and gb420 account details during this time. Zoe also got her backdoor in this time.

Period IV

This is a more recent stint of activity Zoe has had. Zoe has done numerous things during this period. A few things being exposing insiders, running for prime minister, getting prime minister elections cancelled, and becoming a base director. Zoe has done several other things and this does not represent the entirety of her acitivity.

Working with Coltsnid, TheDark_Emperor, and VI6 to have Jared2013 arrested

During her break, Zoe worked with the aforementioned people to have Jared2013 arrested. This work was done from December 3rd, 2018 to roughly January 10th, 2019. This work included providing screenshots of Jared2013 plotting murder. Not only this, but it also included leaking Jared2013's work on destroying Emperium and doxing their members(such as TheJumpyBlazeftw/Xdolf, GlowskiBroski, and Kevro).

Departure and Return

On December 3rd, 2018 after over a year of dedicated work towards the Vortex Coaltiion, Zoe went on a two month break from 2b2t. Zoe returned to VoCo on February 2nd, 2019 being given the VoCo Legend, Exalted, and Organizer roles. Around a week or so before this, Zoe had joined VoCo's ally The Emperium and was given the Gamma rank after working with the group since May 2018. On February 15th, 2019 at 8:19PM, Zoe was promoted to First Class™.