Phase I: January 2017 - February 2017 Phase II: January 31, 2018 - February 1, 2018

Status Dead

Phase I - FatMC

Phase II - Zoe, tbi


Phase I - N/A

Phase II - iZac, tbi

Member Count

Phase I: ~ 1 - 4 Phase II: ~ 2 - 27

Major Bases(Abandoned) RoseCity
Small Bases(Abandoned) PoppyTown, SunflowerVille
Discord(Phase I) [http://]

Phase I

Not much is known about Phase I. Almost nothing happened and it was heavily meme'd. You can join the discord and see it's pathetic remains.

Phase II

Phase II lasted roughly ~18 hours but saw the creation of 3 bases. Zoe planned on having the bases be worked on by the members, but it never came to be due to Coltsnid shutting it down. RoseCity had ~4 building built and the others each only had one. RoseCity was destroyed on 2/6/18, PoppyTown was destroyed on 2/8/18, and SunflowerVille was destroyed on 2/13/18. During the ~18 hours of RoCo II's existence, the discord was heavily advertised and gained roughly 50 members. The member count hit 27 by the time the discord was deleted.

Phase III (hypothetical)

Phase III is a hypthetical Phase of The Rose Coalition. While it is currently unknown who or what will be involved with this, or even if it going to happen, you can be assured it will be meme'd heavily.

Ranks in Phase I

- Leader

- Co-Leader

- Member

- Ally

Ranks in Phase II

- Supreme Leader

- Co-Founder

- Senior Executive

- Executive

- First Class

- Exalted

- Elite

- Eminent


- Member+

- Member

- Initiate

- Guest

- Recruit